Heet Wave

Heet Wave Heet Wave Heet Wave therapeutic hot and cold packs are made of an organic vegetable substance encased in a cuddly fabric that applies heat or cold to the body in a localized fashion for computer related neck soreness, back aches, exercise strain, arthritis pain, or any discomfort or injury that hot or cold therapy would be used for.

Many patterns are available, and always come gift boxed, proudly made in the USA.

Our therapeutic packs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes designed to form comfortably to the body, applying soothing relief in minutes. Hands cold? Heet Waves even come in hand and pocket warmers providing hand comfort for all ages. Contact Heet Wave for details.

Heet Wave is a member of NH Made:
showcasing products made exclusively
in the State of New Hampshire.

Heet Wave, PO Box# 1602 Derry, NH 03038
Phone: (603) 626-1915 • Fax: (603) 622-2253 • Email: lessard@heetwave.com